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Rock Or Die Studios

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About Michael

With 20 years experience in audio engineering, Michael has worked on recordings that have been streamed worldwide with over 100 million streams.
Many albums he has produced made it into international charts and were played on major radio stations throughout the world. For Michael, music isn’t just his profession, it’s his passion. In the inspiring environment of the cozy Rock or Die studios you’ll find Michael grinding away, evolving his craft, surrounded by the absolute best analog equipment available. 
Outside of recording, mixing and mastering countless albums, Michael works with one of Germany’s largest music licensing studios and mixes music used in TV commercials for many major global brands. Because of this experience mixing a wide variety of musical genres, Michael is able to competitively approach each project, giving every piece of music an individual personality and ensure it not only fits in its genre, but that it stands out.




Capturing your performances with love and passion. Taking care to inspire you to reach your creative limits and taking you beyond in order to capture magic moments that will make your record outstanding. 
With my knowledge in technical aspects of tracking and a great selection of tools such as high end microphones, preamps and audio processors my focus is always to let the technical side of tracking happen as unobtrusive as possible to never lose the focus on your performance.



Probably the most important step in record making next to capturing  the best possible performance!
Giving your project its desired character while combining all elements from recording. This may involve further editing or even additive creative processes to make the image in your head audible reality.
Many creative options can be part of this process to make your sound unique and recognizable.



The final step in the record making process. Giving your tracks the loudness and brightness of your favourite records. Making your tracks competitive in any playlist. 
I use a selection of high end hardware devices such as Neve, Api and Gyraf as well as superb software processors give your tracks the final polish. 
Further I will take care of all required data to provide your label or production facility with meta tagged DDP images or WAV files in any required file format.


A selection of tracks that were mixed and mastered here



Michael Czernicki

Rock Or Die Studios

Suitbertusstrasse 59
40223 Düsseldorf

email: michael.czernicki@googlemail.com
phone: +4915123033487
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rockordiestudios/


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